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It has become a difficult task for job seekers to acquire a dream job in a fiercely competitive market. Where companies receive thousands of resumes in a day for a single position and make use of applicant tracking software that looks for certain keywords in a resume to determine the suitability of candidates for interview.  This website is an essential resource for job seekers to achieve their desired jobs. It enables them to write job-winning resume and cover letter. It guides job seekers to research the hidden needs of the employer and find out the necessary keywords to be included in their resume. It provides essential guidelines to crack HR interviews covering prospective interview questions with suggested ways to tailor their answers. It furnishes an insight into the concept and methodology of Group Discussion, it wraps up with the telephonic interview tips, which is prevalent these days.

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A resume is like brochure of a car, if you are impressed with the brochure, you will go to the showroom to actually see the car and have a test drive.

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