Cover Letter

Resume/ CVs are accompanied by a cover letter which is a brief and concise response to the advertised job. A proper presentation of cover may create eagerness while the opposite may cancel the candidature.

It helps recruiter to judge your professionalism and it is advisable to keep in mind following tips while writing a cover letter:

  • The cover letter should be customized to its employer’s requirements i.e. key skills, experiences, and qualifications.
  • Analyse the advertisement and research the employer’s expectations from the job and pick the necessary key words from it into the cover.
  • Make it short but effective. It should create an excitement in the employer’s mind to read your CV.
  • Sell yourself; present your profile like the most suited one for the advertising job.
  • Do not use single cover to apply for all the jobs you are looking for. This helps employers to judge your seriousness towards their organization.
  • Use good quality paper to print the cover letter and CV. Use of photocopies is strictly prohibited.

Some sample advertisements and corresponding cover letters are shown below for reference purpose only.

Sample Advertisement#1

Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Tamil Nadu

Advertisement for Summer Internship

Ref. No. 123                                                                                         Dated: XX/XX/XXXX

Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Tamil Nadu, invites applications from B. Tech 3rd year, Chemical Engineering students for the three-month summer internship at its research lab. Students with good academic knowledge and sound practical skills need to apply with their complete CV and reference letter from Head of Institution. Students can send their resume to Prof. P. Natarajan, Head, Department of Chemical Engineering at within seven days of this advertisement

Sample CV cover letter for the summer internship with respect to above advertisement is as follows:


Prof. P. Natarajan
Head, Department of Chemical Engineering,
University of Tamil Nadu

Subject: Application for the summer internship.

Reference: Your advertisement reference no. 123 dated xx/xx/xxxx

Dear Sir,

I have completed my course work of B. Tech III year including subjects like Chemical Research. I have good practical knowledge of most of the chemical reactions given in the course work. And, I am keen to enhance my knowledge and prove my research and development skills under your patronage and guidance.
Kindly allow me for an internship in the Chemical Engineering Department of your renowned Institution. Please review the attached resume and reference to consider my application for an internship.

Looking forward to hearing updates from you.

Yours sincerely

Yash Maheshwari,
III year,
B. Tech (Chemical Engineering)


Sample Advertisement#2

Times Ascent, Dated: xx/xx/xxxx

XYZ Corporation Limited, a world renowned Bank is looking for young, energetic Business Analyst having an excellent academic track and experience of working with SAP.  Interested candidate can send their resume to within ten days of this advertisement.

Sample CV cover letter for entry level Business Analyst with respect to the above advertisement

Full name

Address details


Subject: Candidature for the post of Business Analyst.

Reference: Your advertisement in Times Ascent dated: xx/xx/xxxx

Dear Sir/ Madam

With reference to the above-mentioned advertisement of your esteemed organization, I would like to submit my resume for the post of Business Analyst.

I have recently completed my MBA in Finance from IIM, Indore and my good academic record and accomplishments prove my skills and consistency.  I have also completed SAP course that strengthens my candidature for this post. I am confident that my experience and knowledge will definitely bring more values to your Organization and enhance my managerial skills.

I look forward to meeting you for an interview to discuss the same in details. 


Yours Sincerely,


Name, Surname

Contact Details


Students who wish to study in foreign universities need Letter of Recommendations (LoR) from their teachers/ professors. Following is a sample LoR for guidance purpose only.



It is my pleasure to pen down this letter of recommendation for Parul for further studies in your institute. Parul is an astute student with a highly logical approach to assigned tasks. I know her personally and as a teacher, I feel she has got the talent which will make her a good graduate student. I first got to know her in her first year of engineering, when she participated in Techno Tyro; a C programming contest in the state level mega technical event, CLUE-2006. She was among the very few students to show her talent by performing very well among the other classmates. She had taken an active interest in college festivals since then, both as a participant as well as an organizer. Her leadership qualities came to the fore when she served as the Sports Secretary of the college for the academic year 2008-09.As a student, she is hard working and a dedicated individual. She adapts well to both, working in teams as well as independently. She is highly vocal in giving her opinions and receptive to the views of her teammates. Her interests are strongly in line with her field of study, which helps her get a good grasp of the subjects quickly. I was her professor for the crucial penultimate year of graduation and was in charge of taking the subjects, C and C++ in the first semester, and in some of her practical labs. Her genuine quest for perfection was always reflected in her assignments and the level of enthusiasm that she had demonstrated towards new scientific and technical advances, impressed me a lot. She has excelled not only in her academics but has also participated and organized various other events without failing to give enough time to her studies. This shows that she also has the ability of multitasking. Hence I firmly believe that she will be an asset to your program and if given a chance, will do very well for herself. I also hope that you would be able to help her with any financial assistance that may be possible. She has the capacity and determination to undertake further studies in Information Systems. I, therefore recommend her for master’s degree in your esteemed institution.


Professor Name,
Designation, Contact Details



It gives me immense gratification in writing this letter of recommendation for a dear student, Rahul. I have known Rahul for over six years now. I taught him Computer Architecture, Digital Electronics and Data Structure and Algorithm. I have known him in my capacity as an Assistant Professor and Head of Department of <department name> at  <college name>.

Rahul has performed exceptionally well in my taught subjects, especially in Data Structure and Algorithm. Although he was ranked third in the class on the basis of his grades, he has been the most active during the class discussions. Till date, I have seen him participating in each class session with immense confidence. He has quite clearly demonstrated his in-depth knowledge of core concepts. He is a quick learner and applies concepts exceptionally well.

In my 9 years of teaching experience, I have seen very few students as bright as Rahul. He has always surprised me with his knack for writing coding logics. He takes the least time in completing coding logics as compared to most students in the class. He has well justified his excellent presentation and communication skills in various reports and presentations.

Apart from the core curriculum, Rahul has also shown a considerable amount of interest in extracurricular activities. He has also participated in various cultural and technical fests. Our College emphasizes the holistic development of personality and I am confident that Rahul possesses the Life Skills that will help him meet the tough challenges that lie ahead. On the whole, I found him to be a sincere and a motivated student who enjoyed a good rapport with the teaching faculty and peers.

I wish him All the Best!



Professor Name,
Designation, Contact Details