Interview Dress Code

Economic Times Survey suggests that 65% employers say to judge between two similar qualified candidates they consider their dressing sense as well.

Interview Dress Code for Men


White and other light colored long sleeved cotton shirts are best for your first interview.

Traditional silk tie with a matching color of shirt or suit is recommended;

Two-piece business suit with charcoal gray or navy blue color is all time hit.

Dark polished shoes of black or brown color are recommended. Shoe color should match the color of the leather belt.

Black color socks are the best; don’t wear white socks with a black shoe. Socks should be of matching the color with shoes.

Short and trimmed hair is always appreciated.

No beards at all, if you have mustache make sure it is well trimmed.

Use of bracelet, or rings except wedding ring is not good.

Interview Dress Code for Women

Always prefer a formal Salwar Suit/ professionally tailored suit/ Saree is preferred.

Shoes with small heels

No purses, small or large; carry a briefcase instead

If you wear nail polish (not required otherwise), use clear or a traditional color

Minimal use of makeup and jewelry items.