Mock Group Discussion

Sample GD on the topic “T20 has ruined Cricket”

5 participants and a time limit of 10 minutes.

Candidate 1: I don’t think that T20 matches ruined Cricket. In fact, it is an improved new version of cricket. Otherwise, viewers have to spoil an entire day watching cricket, now it takes only 3-4 hours to a match. In fact, there is a good condition that seven players in a team need to be Indian. Moreover, a retired player can also play in the game.

Candidate 2: I agree with the opinion of candidate 1, and I would like to add my point that T20 has also given an opportunity to new players that were otherwise not possible.

Candidate 3: In my opinion, T20 is not actual Cricket…[trying to speak but interrupted by another candidate.]

Candidate 4: No no..its better than conventional one day match or test cricket.

Candidate 1: Yes, players don’t feel tired by playing only for a match of 20 hours. Otherwise, it’s hectic to play for 50-50 overs. Many students waste their precious time just for watching one-day matches.

Candidate 3: But, I want to say that it doesn’t test the actual fitness of the players.

Candidate 2: let’s, don’t get involved in the point of fitness.

Candidate 5: Guys, if T20 is really better than why cricket veterans say that Test Cricket is the actual cricket? It’s not possible to justify all the skills and abilities of a player in only a match of 20 overs.

Candidate 2: yes, you may be right, but, T20 is also a way to judge other skills of a player like how he managed to play in a small match than in a five day long Test match.

Candidate 5: It means, a player of a test match is not suitable for T20 or vice versa.

Candidate 2: Test match is all about the patience of a player while T20 is based upon quick decisions and fast actions.

Candidate 5: Actually, T20 is more like entertainment than sports. T20 is a commercialized version of Cricket.

Candidate 4: So what, T20 has also given opportunities for media and advertising.

Candidate 5: ha, how media and advertisement going to help Cricket.

Candidate 1: Guys, don’t divert, we have very less time left so let’s come on to the topic “T20 has ruined Cricket” and try to summarize the discussion.

Candidate 3: Ya..ya..T-20 games involve a lot of money so players are interested only in T20. Now, they don’t bother about Ranji Trophy and other tournaments.

Candidate 5: Ok guys, Summarizing this GD, I can say that T20 is a new model of Cricket which is liked and accepted by today’s generation running out of time. But, this pattern is not endorsed by old cricketers as it is not possible to judge all the skills of a player in such a small time and pressure. Therefore, possibilities still exist for more amendments to this model to make it more like sports than a business model.

Evaluation of the participants

Participants Analysis
Candidate 1 Initiator, good knowledge of the topic, leadership ability to control the group and show a positive attitude by asking others to summarize the GD.
Candidate 2 Immature, do not have much knowledge of the topic so just adding some information to other’s point and arguing in just opposite manner.
Candidate 3 Tried to speak but the lack of confidence in the voice gave another candidate an opportunity to interrupt.
Candidate 4 Shy nature. Not having relevant facts.
Candidate 5 Good knowledge but not able to convince others. Availed the opportunity to summarize the GD.

Definitely, Candidate number 1 should be the winner of this round.

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