Mock Personal Interview

Personal Interview of a fresher candidate taken by Human Resource Manager of an IT company for the post of Software Trainee (Representation of a Real Interview)

campus interview
Interviewer: Tell me about yourself?

Candidate: (Thinking for a while...) Well, I belong to a middle-class family and my father is a Central Government’s job for past 20 years. My mother is a housewife and a younger sister who is studying in 12th standard. I completed my basic education from various cities due to dad’s transfers. After High school, I completed my B. Tech in Computer Science from NIT, Chandigarh with 8.2 CGPA. In addition to academics, throughout my degree time, I took participation in many cultural and literary events and even organized the state level festival in my college with the help of my friends. I am also a good footballer and my team won the state-level award in it.  That’s all brief about me.

[Now, the second question may be based upon your answer in previous one]

Interviewer: Interesting, how many placed have you visited so far and which city do you like most?

Candidate: Sir, till now I have visited 6 cities starting from Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Bhopal, Udaipur, and Chandigarh. Udaipur is a very beautiful city of India, it is also known as “City of Lakes”. And, I completed my Senior Secondary from St. Xavier’s School, Udaipur and had a very good group of friends. That’s why I like Udaipur the most.

Interviewer: (In lighter mood) I am keen to visit Udaipur.

Candidate: (with a pleasant smile) I would love to be your guide, sir.

Interviewer: Thanks for that, so tell me what challenges you have faced so far in your life.

Candidate: The biggest issue was to make new friends in every city I visited. Other than that, as I told you, I was the organizer of a state level event in my college. At that time I found that it is very tough to convince all the people and bring them with you. There I developed leadership and motivation skills and I overcome with a problem. I got success in my event as I believe in Team Work.

Interviewer: Ok. So you possess leadership and motivational skills. Do you have any other strength?

Candidate: Yes sir, I am a hard worker as I worked hard in my academics as well as in extracurricular to get good grades and develop all round personality respectively. I am an optimistic and enthusiastic person. I believe in team spirit and I am a good leader too.

Interviewer: Good to hear, do you have any weakness?

Candidate: Hmmm. the biggest problem with me is that I start so many tasks at a time without waiting for the completion of the one which I started in the beginning. But, recently I read a book and I learned from it that the winner must focus on one task at a time.

Interviewer: ok, which book can you please tell me?

Candidate: Ya sure sir, it was “You can win” by great motivational speaker Mr. Shiv Khera.

Interviewer: Good, so it means you read books as well, any other book that you like most?

Candidate: Yes sir, to nurture leadership skills, I read the motivational and inspirational book whenever I find extra time in the night. My favorite book is Wings of Fire by Indian missile man and my role model Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Interviewer: Hmm, do you think India will achieve Dr. Kalam’s vision 2020.

Candidate: Definitely, India will become a superpower in 2020. India’s economy is the fastest growing economy of this world. India has proved its mettle in IT to this world. India is having world renowned IITs, IIMs, Medical colleges, our millions of professional are doing great work across the globe. India is a nuclear power and has strong defense forces. It is the biggest target of almost all foreign companies. So to conclude I can say that India will surely achieve its vision 2020.

Interviewer: Nice to hear your ideas. Now tell me why do you want to join our company?

Candidate: Sir, your Company is India’s second largest software exporter in the world and listed in the Fortune 500 companies. Its vision statement gives details of its work ethics and culture. The phenomenal growth of the company can be easily seen by its stock price which has been doubled in past three years. Its attrition rate is lowest among all its competitors. This will be a great chance for me also to improve my technical skills and personality under the guidance of your Managers.

Interviewer: You have impressive information about our company. Lastly, I will give you an opportunity to ask me any query of yours.

Candidate: Thanks for giving me this chance. Sir, can you please tell me whether your company works only in the service sector or you are in product development too.

Interviewer: Actually, from the date of establishment we are working in IT service sector but from past two to three years we have also started our own product development.

Candidate: Oh! That’s really great sir.

Interviewer: Good luck, we will let you know result within a week.

Candidate: Thank you, sir. May I have your business card, please?

[Interview ends and after some couple of days, this candidate got the confirmation letter from the company]

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