Mock Telephonic Interview

To give the reader an idea about the same below is a sample narration that how telephonic interview starts.

Interviewer: Hello, Am I talking to Ms. Neha!
Candidate:  Yes, Neha is speaking, May I know who is this?

Interviewer: Hi Neha!! Tarun this side, I am a Project Manager in XYZ Pvt Ltd. You have applied in our organization for the post of software engineer and I have been assigned the responsibility to take your interview for the same.
Candidate: Ohh…hi Tarun!! Yes, I applied there before some couple of days ago.

Interviewer: Ok. How are you?
Candidate: I am absolutely fine. What about you?

Interviewer: I am fit as a fiddle. Can we start interviewing now? Or you want me to call at any other suitable time?
Candidate: Hmm.. if it is convenient, can you call me after half an hour?
Interviewer: Yeah…Sure no problem at all, I will call you after half an hour…bbye.
Candidate: Thank you so much Tarun.

Tarun calls Neha after half an hour…

Interviewer: Hello, Hi Neha, is this the right time to talk.
Candidate: Yes, Tarun, it’s perfect time.

Interview proceeds ahead

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