Personal Interview

Preparation Before Interview

“It’s not your aptitude; it’s your attitude; that decides your altitude”  

   -Zig Zilar


A personal interview plays the most important role to get the desired job and, on the other hand, the employer judges your thinking, knowledge, and interpersonal behavior on the basis of personal interview. Personal interview unfolds the personality and attitude of the job seeker before the interviewer. The survey suggests that the average time taken in an interview is around 40 minutes and 85% jobs are achieved with a positive attitude. Thus, one has to be very careful while preparing for interviews and must abide by following guidelines:

  • Introspect yourself and find out major strength and weakness, it is better to take the help of SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats) analysis.
  • Go through the details of the employer like market position, size, turnover, product specifications, and the latest news of employer in the media.
  • Prepare yourself to solve puzzles which can be asked in the technical interview. Some recommended books are Shakuntala Devi’s puzzles George W. Summer’s brain teasers etc.
  • Collect the job specifications like roles and responsibility under specific job, salary and compensation offered etc. It’s a good idea to keep some smart queries to be asked to the interviewer at the end of the interview such as, why your company recently merged with company ‘X’ while there is one more company ‘y’ with same profile?
  • If you have any relative/ alumni in that company, then try to consult with them about the company culture and take the necessary advice prior facing the interview.
  • Write down the challenges that attract you to face the job. Strive hard to correlate your strengths with those challenges.
  • Build up confidence: That’s the key to success; otherwise, all of your preparation will be wasted. Read famous motivational books like “You Can Win” before the interview. Introspect yourself to find your goal of life.
  • If you have any break during your academic pursuance, then be ready with a sincere explanation to it.
  • You should be ready to have the queries based upon your resume like: about your project, achievements, hobbies etc.
  • Be ready with some proven examples of your skills, e.g., where you worked in a team, resolved a conflict, solved a big problem, led a group, organized some events etc.

Don't forget to carry following items while going for an interview:

  • Neat and clean copies of your resume/ CV.
  • Original necessary documents and some sets of photocopies of the same.
  • Latest passport sized photographs.
  • References and letters of recommendations, wherever necessary.
  • White blank papers and good quality pen.

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