Sell Yourself

Cover Letter

Resume/ CVs are accompanied by a cover letter which is a brief and concise response to the advertised job. A proper presentation of a cover may create eagerness while the opposite may cancel the candidature.

It helps recruiter to judge your professionalism and it is advisable to keep in mind following tips while writing a cover letter:

  • The cover letter should be customized to its employer’s requirements i.e. key skills, experiences, and qualifications.
  • Analyze the advertisement and research the employer’s expectations from the job and pick the necessary keywords from it into the cover.
  • Make it short but effective. It should create an excitement in the employer’s mind to read your CV.
  • Sell yourself; present your profile like the most suited one for the advertising job.
  • Do not use single cover to apply for all the jobs you are looking for. This helps employers to judge your seriousness towards their organization.
  • Use good quality paper to print the cover letter and CV. Use of photocopies is strictly prohibited.

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