Technical Interview

Professionals like engineering graduates, MCA, science graduates etc. have to face technical interview which judges the subject knowledge of the candidates. And, it’s beyond the scope of this guide to cover all the sample questions; nevertheless, the most of the questions concentrate on final year’s projects and internship. Other questions may be like what are your favorite subjects? And what are the subjects you dislike?  It is recommended to prepare some of the core subjects for the technical interview and revise all the basic concepts of your project. The interviewer can ask some puzzles also at the time of interview to check the analytical skills of the candidate.  There are many books available in the market to prepare for puzzles and quizzes.

Surendra Choudhary, working at Jaipur based IT Company says that generally technical interview is followed by written tests. In his interview, the interviewer asked him questions based upon the problems given in written test, he adds.

Amit Jethwani, selected by Tech Mahindra Company in a pool campus drive, says that the interviewer assembled 10-12 candidates in a room for a technical interview. Then, interviewer inquired about his final year’s project and asked rest of the candidates to fire queries upon him. Interviewer repeated this pattern for all the candidates.   

As and when you get a chance; try to bring the interviewer on your major strengths or achievements where you can prove yourself effective. Remember, if you feel that you are losing the game, or you are not fulfilling the immediate requirements of the employer. Try to convince interviewers that you are a quick learner so compensate the shortcoming found during an interview in a very short span of time.

As per the advancements in technology, many recruiters prefer to organize a telephonic interview for preliminary level screening. Click to learn how to face a telephonic interview.