Telephonic Interview

Many companies conduct multiple rounds of interview for a job and sometimes the interviewer and the candidate are at a remote distance. In such cases, telephonic interview is really a helpful mechanism. Obviously, an interviewer cannot see the facial expressions of candidates on telephone. Nevertheless, with the advancement in technology, video chat gives another interesting option to interview a candidate more intuitively. Some of the popular video chat apps are Skype, Google hangout, etc.

Often interviewers ask about the candidate’s suitable time before starting the telephonic interview. Therefore, the candidate must carefully choose this time and intimate their family or colleagues to not disturb them during the interview time.

Ankit Mangal, Senior Software Engineering at Bangalore based IT company admits that it’s not as easy as it seems though. You can’t blow a phone interview just as easily as you can blow an in-person interview. Dropped calls, background noise, not knowing about the company, not being prepared to respond to interview questions can knock you out of contention for a job. He suggested some important Dos and Don’ts for a great phone interview:-


  1. Charge your cell phone & disable distracting features (Try using Landline phone if possible).
  2. Turn off call waiting.
  3. Do give accurate and detailed contact information in your cover letter so your interviewers can easily connect with you (Includes Mobile number, E-mail Address and Skype id).
  4. Speak Clearly & Coherently.
  5. Have a glass of water nearby.
  6. Do consider keeping some note cards or an outline in front of you to remind yourself of key points you want to cover with the interviewer.
  7. Get rid of the distractions:Interview in a private quiet space. That means securing a babysitter if you have small children at home and kicking the dog, the cat, and the rest of the household members out of your interview space.
  8. Take notes:It’s hard to remember what you discussed after the fact, so take brief notes during the interview.


  1. Don’t be argumentative
  2. Don’t snuffle, sneeze or cough. If you can’t avoid these behaviors, say “excuse me.”
  3. Don’t chew gum or food, or drink anything noisy.

In fact, before starting the interview, first timers should have a mock practise of voice ascent, pauses, speed, etc.  You need to ensure that at the time of interview you are having a piece of blank paper, pen with you to solve the puzzle or queries. It’s recommended to keep a copy of your resume during telephonic interview.

Before starting the interview, the candidate must confirm that both the parties can listen to each other properly. During the interview, be calm and pay attention to listening questions carefully; have some patience, take a small pause before answering to the questions. Don’t rush to the answer immediately even if you know a good answer. A small pause of time will help both the interviewer and candidate to synchronize well during communication. If you don’t understand any question or there is any problem in connection, don’t hesitate to request a repeat. If you have answered a question, and feel that the interviewer is still waiting for something more, then just summarize your answer. In this kind of situation, many candidates think that the interviewer is expecting some different answer and try to change their answer. Actually, they don’t know that this interviewer is playing a game to check their confidence in the answers. Rest of the rules for telephonic interviews are same as of normal interview.